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Kitich Camp

Kitich Camp is a luxury safari camp located in the remote Mathews Mountain Range in northern Kenya. It offers a unique and secluded wilderness experience, surrounded by pristine forests, clear streams, and stunning landscapes. Kitich Camp is known for its intimate and eco-friendly atmosphere, providing guests with an opportunity to connect with nature and explore the unspoiled beauty of the Mathews Range.

The camp features comfortable tented accommodation with en-suite bathrooms, providing a blend of luxury and immersion in the natural surroundings. Guests can enjoy guided nature walks, birdwatching, and cultural visits to Samburu communities, offering insights into the local wildlife, flora, and traditional ways of life.

Kitich Camp is renowned for its tranquil ambiance and personalized service, allowing guests to unwind and rejuvenate in a remote and pristine wilderness setting. It offers a unique safari experience away from the crowds, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers, photographers, and those seeking an authentic African safari adventure.For more information, kindly check out our website.

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Where is Kitich Camp located?

Kitich Camp is located in the Mathews Mountain Range, situated in the northern part of Kenya. Specifically, it is nestled within the dense forest of the Mathews Range, providing guests with a secluded and pristine wilderness experience. The Mathews Mountain Range is renowned for its rugged beauty, diverse flora and fauna, and stunning landscapes, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking an off-the-beaten-path safari adventure in Kenya.

What type of accommodation does Kitich Camp offer?

Kitich Camp offers luxury tented accommodation in the heart of the Mathews Mountain Range in Kenya. The camp provides guests with an intimate and immersive experience in the wilderness while maintaining a high level of comfort and service.

The accommodation at Kitich Camp consists of spacious and well-appointed tents, each blending harmoniously with the natural surroundings. The tents are designed to provide a sense of luxury while allowing guests to connect with nature.

Key features of the accommodation at Kitich Camp include:

  1. Tented Suites: The camp offers a limited number of tented suites, ensuring exclusivity and privacy for guests. Each tent is tastefully furnished with comfortable beds, soft linens, and traditional safari décor.
  2. En-suite Facilities: Each tent comes with its own private en-suite bathroom, equipped with modern amenities such as flush toilets, hot and cold running water, and showers.
  3. Secluded Setting: The tents are strategically positioned to offer stunning views of the surrounding forest and landscape while providing a sense of seclusion and tranquility.
  4. Nature Immersion: Staying at Kitich Camp allows guests to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying the comforts of a luxury safari camp. The sounds of the forest and the sights of wildlife add to the overall safari experience.

Overall, the accommodation at Kitich Camp is designed to offer a unique blend of luxury and wilderness, allowing guests to relax and unwind in a pristine natural environment while exploring the beauty of the Mathews Mountain Range.

What activities are available at Kitich Camp?

Kitich Camp offers a variety of activities that allow guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and wilderness of the Mathews Mountain Range. Some of the activities available at Kitich Camp include:

  1. Guided Nature Walks: Guests can embark on guided nature walks led by experienced local guides. These walks provide opportunities to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the Mathews Mountain Range, learn about the local ecosystem, and observe wildlife in their natural habitat.
  2. Birdwatching: The Mathews Mountain Range is home to a wide variety of bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. Guests can enjoy birdwatching excursions led by knowledgeable guides who can help identify and spot various bird species.
  3. Cultural Visits: Kitich Camp offers cultural visits to nearby Samburu communities, providing guests with insights into the traditional way of life, customs, and culture of the local people. Guests can interact with community members, learn about traditional practices, and experience authentic Samburu hospitality.
  4. Swimming in Natural Rock Pools: Guests can cool off and relax in natural rock pools located near the camp. These pristine pools offer a refreshing escape from the heat and provide a unique swimming experience surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness.
  5. Night Game Drives: Kitich Camp offers night game drives, allowing guests to explore the nocturnal wildlife of the Mathews Mountain Range. Guests have the opportunity to spot elusive nocturnal animals such as leopards, genets, and bushbabies under the guidance of experienced guides.
  6. Cultural and Educational Activities: The camp organizes cultural and educational activities such as storytelling sessions, bush picnics, and traditional dance performances, providing guests with opportunities to learn about the local culture and heritage.

These activities cater to a wide range of interests and allow guests to fully experience the beauty and wilderness of the Mathews Mountain Range during their stay at Kitich Camp.

Is Kitich Camp eco-friendly?

Yes, Kitich Camp is known for its commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainable tourism initiatives. The camp operates in harmony with the surrounding environment and is dedicated to minimizing its ecological footprint while maximizing conservation efforts in the Mathews Mountain Range region.

Some of the eco-friendly practices and sustainable initiatives implemented by Kitich Camp include:

  1. Low-Impact Accommodation: The camp’s accommodation is designed to have minimal impact on the environment, with tented suites blending seamlessly into the natural surroundings.
  2. Renewable Energy: Kitich Camp utilizes renewable energy sources such as solar power to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources and minimize carbon emissions.
  3. Water Conservation: The camp implements water conservation measures, such as rainwater harvesting and water recycling, to minimize water usage and preserve local water resources.
  4. Waste Management: Kitich Camp practices responsible waste management, including recycling and proper disposal of waste materials to minimize pollution and environmental degradation.
  5. Community Engagement: The camp actively engages with local communities, supporting conservation projects, providing employment opportunities, and promoting sustainable livelihoods to foster positive relationships and empower local residents.
  6. Wildlife Conservation: Kitich Camp is dedicated to wildlife conservation efforts, including habitat protection, anti-poaching initiatives, and wildlife monitoring programs to safeguard the biodiversity of the Mathews Mountain Range and its surrounding ecosystems.

Overall, Kitich Camp is committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices that prioritize environmental conservation, community empowerment, and responsible stewardship of natural resources, ensuring that guests can enjoy a memorable safari experience while contributing to the preservation of Kenya’s wilderness heritage.

What wildlife can be found near Kitich Camp?

Kitich Camp is situated in the Mathews Mountain Range, an area known for its diverse wildlife and unique ecosystems. While the wildlife sightings around Kitich Camp may vary depending on the season and specific location within the Mathews Mountain Range, visitors can expect to encounter a variety of fascinating animals, including:

  1. Elephants: The Mathews Mountain Range is home to a population of forest elephants, which are adapted to the dense forest habitat.
  2. Buffaloes: Cape buffaloes can also be found in the area, often seen grazing in open grasslands or along forest edges.
  3. Leopards: Leopards are present in the Mathews Mountain Range, although they are elusive and nocturnal, making them more challenging to spot.
  4. Antelopes: Various antelope species inhabit the region, including lesser kudu, common duiker, bushbuck, and impala.
  5. Primates: Several primate species, such as vervet monkeys and colobus monkeys, can be found in the forests of the Mathews Mountain Range.
  6. Birds: The Mathews Mountain Range is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 200 bird species recorded in the area. Visitors may spot a variety of birds, including eagles, hawks, hornbills, turacos, and sunbirds.
  7. Small Mammals: Other smaller mammals, such as bushbabies, mongooses, genets, and porcupines, also inhabit the forests and savannas surrounding Kitich Camp.

While exploring the wilderness around Kitich Camp, visitors have the opportunity to observe wildlife during guided nature walks, game drives, and birdwatching excursions led by experienced guides. It’s essential to respect the animals’ natural habitat and maintain a safe distance to ensure a memorable and responsible wildlife viewing experience.

What is the best time to visit Kitich Camp?

The best time to visit Kitich Camp largely depends on your preferences and interests, as well as the seasonal weather patterns in the Mathews Mountain Range region. However, some general guidelines can help you plan your trip:

  1. Dry Season (June to October):
    • The dry season is typically considered the best time to visit Kitich Camp and the Mathews Mountain Range. During this period, the weather is generally dry, and wildlife viewing is excellent as animals congregate around water sources.
    • The dry season is also ideal for outdoor activities such as guided nature walks, birdwatching, and cultural visits, as there is minimal rainfall and pleasant temperatures.
  2. Wet Season (November to May):
    • The wet season in the Mathews Mountain Range brings intermittent rainfall and lush vegetation, transforming the landscape into vibrant greenery.
    • While wildlife sightings may still be possible during the wet season, dense foliage and increased vegetation can make it more challenging to spot animals.
    • However, the wet season offers its own unique experiences, including the opportunity to witness the rejuvenation of the landscape, birdwatching as migratory birds arrive, and enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the rainforest.
  3. Shoulder Seasons:
    • The shoulder seasons, which occur between the dry and wet seasons, can also be a good time to visit Kitich Camp. These periods (March to May and November) may offer fewer crowds and discounted rates.
    • Traveling during the shoulder seasons allows you to experience the transition between dry and wet seasons, witnessing changes in wildlife behavior and vegetation.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Kitich Camp depends on your personal preferences, interests, and travel schedule. Whether you choose to visit during the dry season for optimal wildlife viewing or the wet season for lush landscapes, Kitich Camp offers a unique and immersive wilderness experience year-round.

How do I get to Kitich Camp?

Getting to Kitich Camp typically involves a combination of road and air travel, followed by a short transfer to the camp itself. Here’s a general overview of how to get to Kitich Camp:

  1. By Air:
    • Most visitors to Kitich Camp fly into one of the major airports in Kenya, such as Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi or Moi International Airport in Mombasa.
    • From Nairobi or Mombasa, you can take a domestic flight to the nearest airstrip to Kitich Camp, which is usually the Nanyuki airstrip or the Samburu airstrip.
  2. By Road:
    • Once you arrive at the airstrip nearest to Kitich Camp, you will be met by a representative from the camp who will assist you with your transfer.
    • From the airstrip, you will embark on a scenic road transfer to Kitich Camp. The road journey typically takes several hours, depending on road conditions and the distance from the airstrip to the camp.
  3. Charter Flights:
    • Alternatively, Kitich Camp can arrange charter flights directly to the nearby airstrip, providing a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for guests who prefer to fly directly to the camp.
  4. 4×4 Vehicles:
    • It’s worth noting that the road transfer from the airstrip to Kitich Camp may involve travel through rugged and remote terrain, requiring a sturdy 4×4 vehicle equipped to handle off-road conditions.
  5. Transfers by Camp:
    • Kitich Camp typically arranges transfers for guests from the nearest airstrip to the camp as part of their all-inclusive safari packages. Guests are advised to coordinate their travel arrangements with the camp prior to their arrival.

It’s important to check with Kitich Camp for specific details regarding transportation options, as arrangements may vary based on individual itineraries and logistical considerations. Additionally, road and weather conditions in the region can impact travel times and accessibility, so it’s recommended to plan your journey accordingly.

What amenities are available at Kitich Camp?

Kitich Camp offers a range of amenities designed to provide guests with comfort and convenience while immersing them in the natural beauty of the Mathews Mountain Range. While Kitich Camp focuses on providing a genuine wilderness experience, guests can still enjoy essential amenities to enhance their stay. Some of the amenities available at Kitich Camp include:

  1. Luxurious Tented Accommodation: Kitich Camp provides spacious and well-appointed tented suites, blending seamlessly with the surrounding wilderness while offering modern comforts.
  2. En-suite Bathroom Facilities: Each tented suite at Kitich Camp features a private en-suite bathroom with hot and cold running water, flush toilets, and showers, allowing guests to freshen up after a day of outdoor adventures.
  3. Dining Facilities: The camp offers dining facilities where guests can enjoy delicious meals prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Meals are often served in communal dining areas, allowing guests to socialize and share their safari experiences.
  4. Bar/Lounge Area: Kitich Camp may feature a cozy bar/lounge area where guests can relax, unwind, and enjoy refreshing beverages while taking in panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.
  5. Guided Activities: The camp provides guided activities such as nature walks, birdwatching excursions, cultural visits to local communities, and swimming in natural rock pools, allowing guests to explore the wilderness under the guidance of experienced naturalist guides.
  6. Cultural and Educational Programs: Kitich Camp may offer cultural and educational programs, including storytelling sessions, traditional dance performances, and bush picnics, providing guests with insights into the local culture, traditions, and wildlife conservation efforts.
  7. Internet and Connectivity: While Kitich Camp aims to provide a true wilderness experience, limited internet and cellular connectivity may be available in certain areas of the camp for guests who wish to stay connected during their stay.

It’s important to note that Kitich Camp emphasizes a rustic and immersive safari experience, and guests are encouraged to disconnect from the outside world and embrace the tranquility and beauty of the natural surroundings. The camp’s amenities are designed to complement the wilderness experience while ensuring comfort and relaxation for guests throughout their stay.

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